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Arkansas Commission on Children, Youth, and Families


In 2011, the Arkansas Supreme Court created the Commission on Children, Youth, and Families to study and recommend improvements to the state-court practice for court-involved youth and families.

The Commission's work encompasses any court proceeding involving children, youth, and families. While child welfare and juvenile delinquency are frequently associated with children in the courts, children and families are involved in all types of court proceedings.

To improve interactions between children and families with the courts, the Commission collaborates with stakeholders to identify areas of need and opportunities for improvement.  


As stakeholders in the pursuit of juvenile justice and child-welfare reform, we strive to advance the justice system by raising awareness, developing solutions, securing resources, and advocating for court-involved families. Our charge is to continually improve the justice system as it relates to children, youth, and families.


The Commission's role is to ensure that all children, youth, and their families have the resources for the best possible outcome when involved in the judicial system.


625 Marshall Street, Little Rock, Ar 72201




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