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Arkansas Commission on Children, Youth, and Families

The committees address various juvenile court-related topics. Commission members and key stakeholders provide valuable knowledge to address juvenile court-related issues.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a multidisciplinary team that works with juvenile justice, child welfare, and the Court Improvement Program to develop and implement collaborative projects to achieve safety and well-being in the best interest of court-involved youth and families.

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  • Juvenile Code Revision Work Group

Data Committee

The Data Committee ensures that stakeholders have the tools, training, and unified structure to enable them to enter the data necessary for monitoring quality control to help all stakeholders to make evidence-based decisions.

Community Resource Committee

The Community Resources Committee strives to guarantee that each judicial district has the resources and evidence-based community services needed to offer court-involved juveniles the services established by the validated assessment in their local areas, as well as to secure adequate funding for evidence-based services customized to meet the needs of each judicial district.

Juvenile Officer Staffing Committee

The Juvenile Officer Staffing Committee aims to ensure each judicial district has sufficiently educated, experienced, and fairly-compensated staff to follow established protocols, conduct validated assessments, and provide quality juvenile services to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for juveniles.

Video Committee

The Video Committee aims to ensure that modern multimedia tools are accessible and readily available to enhance court interactions.

  • Video Conference/Hearings
  • Court Orientation Videos
  • Resource Library

Racial Justice Taskforce

The Racial Justice Taskforce includes juvenile justice stakeholders, including law enforcement, juvenile officers, judges, legislators, educators, and stakeholders from around the state, to guide the efforts that allow for successful implementation and corresponding intervention on all youth to alleviate disparities in the system.

  • Arkansas Juvenile Justice Reform Grant Work Group

This group is currently working with five pilot judicial districts to study ways to reduce disparities at the seven points of contact.

Strategic Priorities Committee

As a cornerstone of strategic planning, the committee diligently identifies and evaluates key initiatives that drive long-term growth and success.

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